Push.ca K2uesdays

Over the course of Push.ca’s time online , Push.ca partnered with K2 to produce a web series called K2uesdays. Robjn Taylor was brought in as director to direct the series and underexposed agency ltd. worked with Robjn producing the series. The contest released a series of videos each year and continued to run for 3 years.

The first series from 2010 featured 16 episodes. Each episode in the first year revolved around various challenges issued to a K2 team rider. If they lost, they would agree to give away some of their K2 gear to a winning viewer.


Media Outlet: www.Push.ca

Sponsored/Partner: K2

Director/Editor: Robjn Taylor

Producer: Lenny Rubenovitch

Camera: Nate Laverty, Hayden Rensch, Jan Schuster & Lenny Rubenovitch.

Motion Graphics: Mathieu Gibeault